Every year, World Champion Taekwondo sends over 30 athletes to compete in the USAT National Championships, and often returns with around 50 medals. WCT Westport sends between eight and ten athletes to the championships each year, with competitors ranging from young, new athletes to ones who compete in the highest levels of competition. Scroll down to see the Westport teams from the last few years!


Olivia S: GOLD – Poomsae, BRONZE – Breaking

Meher B: GOLD – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Emily X: GOLD – Breaking

Ishr B: GOLD – Breaking

Rhys A: GOLD – Breaking

Srish P: GOLD – Breaking

EJ H: BRONZE – Poomsae, BRONZE – Breaking

Matthew S: BRONZE – Breaking

Andrew K: 5th – Breaking

Matthew L: Preliminary Team Trials – Sparring


Alex Turut: GOLD – Poomsae, SILVER – Breaking

Matthew Saw: GOLD – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Rhianna Ring-Howell: GOLD – Breaking

Rhys Aron: SILVER – Poomsae, SILVER – Breaking

Tate Aron: SILVER – Breaking

Srish Popuri: BRONZE – Poomsae, BRONZE – Breaking

EJ Herrmann: BRONZE – Poomsae

Olivia Saw: BRONZE – Breaking

Matthew Lee-Chin: BRONZE – Sparring


Neal Soni: GOLD – Breaking

Matthew Lee-Chin: GOLD – Sparring

Rhys Aron: GOLD – Breaking, SILVER – Poomsae

Allie Farber: GOLD – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Jake Farber: GOLD – Breaking) BRONZE – Poomsae

Meher Bhullar: GOLD – Breaking), SILVER – Poomsae

Ishr Bhullar: GOLD – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Lauren Rivera: SILVER – Breaking

Alex Turut: SILVER – Breaking

Julia Weiss: SILVER – Breaking

Nicole Farber: SILVER – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Tate: SILVER – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

EJ Herrmann: BRONZE – Breaking

Andrew Keisman: 6th -Breaking, Finalist – Poomsae


Lauren Rivera: GOLD – Breaking

Neal Soni: GOLD – Breaking

EJ Herrmann: GOLD – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Nicole Farber: GOLD – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Allie Farber: SILVER – Breaking, BRONZE, Poomsae

Arushi Srivastava: BRONZE – Breaking

Jake Farber: BRONZE – Breaking, BRONZE – Poomsae

Alex Turut: Poomsae: 6th – Poomsae


Allie Farber: GOLD – Breaking

Arun Soni: GOLD – Breaking

Neha Srivastava: GOLD – Breaking

Neal Soni: SILVER – Breaking

Jake Farber: BRONZE – Poomsae

Alex Turut: RONZE – Breaking

Arushi Srivastava: BRONZE – Breaking




Allie Farber: GOLD – breaking

Jake Farber: GOLD – breaking

Arjun Dhindsa: GOLD – breaking

Master Emalee: SILVER – breaking

Arun Soni: SILVER – breaking

Neal Soni: SILVER – breaking

Neha Srivastava: SILVER – breaking

Nikki Farber: SILVER – breaking

Alex Turut: BRONZE – breaking



Arun Soni: GOLD – breaking

Master Emalee: GOLD- breaking & SILVER in Team Poomsae – official member of B Team for the USA National Poomsae Team

Julia Weiss – SILVER -poomsae and BRONZE – breaking

Neal Soni: BRONZE –breaking

Samantha Atlas: BRONZE – breaking

Viktor Berger-Frenndstadt: BRONZE – breaking