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Benefits of Taekwondo for Children:

Learning Taekwondo has countless mental and physical benefits for children. Taekwondo is a dynamic sport, and each of its many aspects can have a positive impact on a child’s mind, body, school and home life, as well as on their growth and development.

Body: Taekwondo promotes physical health and fitness in children. Taekwondo is an explosive sport. Our classes are high-energy, and full of running, jumping, kicking, and punching activities. These activities are designed to enhance strength, athletic ability, coordination, flexibility while providing challenging but fun exercise for children.

Mind: Not only is Taekwondo physically challenging, it is also mentally challenging. We teach our students to focus in class and listen to their instructor. Our curriculum provides mental challenges as well. We require students to memorize forms (patterns of movements), and some of the movements they will learn may seem unfamiliar and challenging to them. Learning and practicing focus and practicing memorization can enhance a child’s school performance, improve their grades, and have a positive impact on their overall behavior at home and at school.

We encourage and help our students to overcome all of the mental and physical challenges we present in class. Through realizing their abilities to beat these challenges, children will develop self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude.

Spirit: Taekwondo has many benefits for a child’s spirit as well. We teach our students CRISP Determination, which embodies the tenets of Taekwondo. Our goal is to give our students positive qualities that they can carry with them throughout all aspects of their lives.

Courtesy &Respect: At the core of Taekwondo is respect. Through learning Taekwondo, students will learn to respect themselves, their parents, their teachers, their siblings and their friends.

Integrity: We teach our students the importance of being honest and fair. We encourage them to work together and help their friends and classmates.

Self-Control: Students will learn to control their bodies and minds. We teach self-discipline that can improve behavior at school and at home.

Perseverance & Determination: There are many challenges in Taekwondo. Whether it’s learning a new kick or taking the black belt test, we help students to set goals and teach them the importance of not giving up until they reach that goal.



There are four levels of groups that students progress through own their journey to their black belt. Each level has a different fundamental focus, as is described below.

Level I

Students will learn basic stances, forms, blocks, & kicks – the fundamentals of Taekwondo.

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green

Level III

Students become members of the Black Belt Club.** In the Black Belt Club, students begin learning more exciting skills outside the traditional form, self-defense, kicking, and breaking curriculum; for example, sword!

  • Red-Yellow
  • Red-Green
  • Red
  • Red-Black

Students will also have the opportunity to take three classes per week starting at this level!

Level II

Students will be introduced to light contact sparring.*

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red-White

Level IV

Students will begin preparing for their Black Belt Test.***

  • Black-White
  • Black-Yellow
  • Black Belt Pre-Test I
  • Black Belt Pre-Test II
  • Black Belt Pre-Test III



*Students should purchase protective, sparring gear at this time.

**Students will receive a red uniform – indicating membership in the Black Belt Club. Student will also need to purchase a wooden sword.

***Students will receive a blue uniform – indicating a high rank in preparation for the Black Belt Test.



There are several options for students to take classes. We are flexible and do not restrict you to come on pre-scheduled days. Come to class when it suits your schedule! To find more information about classes, click here.



Students take promotion tests every two months. For each promotion test, students are asked to meet certain physical and mental/disciplinary requirements. Each curriculum asks students to master a certain form, for which they receive white tape; a self-defense, for which they receive yellow tape; a kicking combination, for which they receive green tape; and a board breaking technique, for which they receive blue tape. The most important tape, however, is the red respect tape which is provided by the parents. We ask that parents assess their child’s behavior and if there has been improvement, to then give the child a red tape. Students are not allowed to take a promotion test without a red tape, as we value our student’s mental and disciplinary training first.